ENOLOGICA VASON S.p.A: The new headquarters

The research and performance of the well-known wine company housed in a new innovative building


Italian wine starts to run again, but there are excellences that have not stopped.

One of these is Enologica Vason S.p.A, which is part of VASONGROUP, a solid and recognized reality in the wine and food sector, protagonist of important patents and partner of oenologists for the development of innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies. VASONGROUP is the know-how of the wine industry in which research, consultancy and performance are intertwined and give life to innovative products for wine use and the agri-food industry around the world.

Specialized in the selection of raw materials and in the formulation of products intended for specific oenological use and the beverage industry, Enologica Vason offers an integrated service that accompanies the entire production process: from research in the laboratory to analysis.

In more than 50 years of activity the company of Verona (Italy) has traced the path from oenology of correction and precision to oenology of expression, which maximizes the integrity and expression of the wines and their territory.

Owner of numerous trademarks and patents, he was the first to enter the wine sector, investigating the world of the infinitely small and inventing a new approach: molecular enology.

In order to achieve such important results at an international level, it was necessary to carry out a deep study, exploration and experimentation work, conducted in a favorable environment. The company’s avant-garde gaze is precisely the protagonist of Enologica Vason’s desire for expansion, which has chosen to build a new innovative environment to transfer its research, training and modernity.

Incide Engineering has developed the structural and plant design in partnership with the architect Savoia, of the homonymous Studio, who oversaw the architectural composition to give life to the coveted desire of VASONGROUP to create a new management center not far from the Verona office and therefore to transfer offices, laboratories, conference rooms and places for training in a modern and avant-garde location.

Thus began the project for this new building which will develop on 3 levels, suspended and supported by “pilotis” pillars on the ground floor, like the prescriptions through which Le Corbusier identified the identity factors of architecture.

A small central core on the ground floor and the building erected on pillars, to allow free circulation at ground level.

Two executive floors incorporated in an envelope, a “skin” that encloses them through a play of colors that reflect the colors of the adjacent lands, Valpolicella, the vineyards and which best represent the products of the Vason company and its new administrative headquarters .

At the same time, the same design team is developing the concept of the historic headquarters of Enologica Vason, which has currently begun renovating the entire production area and will see all the logistics and new laboratories completed by 2023.

Incide Engineering and the Savoia studio will be the protagonists of the design for the new image of Vason SpA.