A World-Wide Company

Professionalism and past experience on international projects as well as the language skills of its personnel and know-how regarding the use of up-to-date communication systems, allow Incide Engineering to work in close contact with its clients around the world.

Padua, Italy

Via S. Francesco, 91 - 35121 Padua, Italy
Ph. +39 049 8774150 - Fax. +39 049 8774836
Secretariat: incide@incide.it
Administration: amministrazione@incide.it
Human Resources / Applications: hr@incide.it
Contracts / Suppliers Management: gest.commesse@incide.it
Marketing / Communication Office: marketing@incide.it
Lugano, Switzerland
Incide Engineering sàrl

Via Maggio, 1C
6900 Lugano Switzerland
Ph. +41 786 137 506 
Paris, France
Incide Ingénierie sàrl

4-14, Rue Ferrus
Paris 75014 France
Mob. +39 327 413 3234 
Rabat, Morocco
Incide Maroc sàrl

40, Rue du Mali - Immeuble n°6, 1er étage
10060, Rabat Maroc
Mob. +39 348 825 8705

We welcome the best young and dynamic professionals.

Our team is a blend of youth and experience looking for cultural and professional development to be applied on projects. We work as a team on national and international projects, and we are looking for people who are young, dynamic and interested in new job experiences, as well as being open-minded.