Industrial plants

The company works with major EPC contractors from around the world, giving advice and providing services to develop power plants, infrastructure projects, industrial plants and oil and gas production sites

We work on projects around the world in compliance with the most common international regulations

We cover the entire engineering process, from structural to mechanical, electrical and piping systems, providing complete and integrated design services and consultancy to help clients in their construction activities. We follow the most up to date international regulations and design standards: ANSI, Stoomwezen - API - EN 13480 - ASME VIII div.1 e 2 - BS5500 - AD-Merkblatt - VSR e VSG, CODAP - CICIND, EC.

Incide has gained experience in Industrial Plants design, covering most of disciplines

Incide has experience in the following types of industrial plants: Power Generation: Conventional plants (coal, gas, biomass, etc.) - Hydroelectric plants - Nuclear plants. Industrial Plants: Chemical - Iron & Steel – Cement - Water Treatment - Transformation. Oil & Gas: Offshore and Onshore - LNG , Biodiesel Production, Refinery, Oil & Gas - Treatment.

Special structures for Industrial plants

We are able to easily manage special steel structures design, using the most modern and up to date design technology, with 3D finite element model approach, and parametric drawing modelling

Port cranes and unloaders for the agri-food sector

We carry out projects of specialised structures for the Agri-food sector, in the field of Industrial Plant Engineering and Mechanics.

Storage tanks and pressure vessels (atmospheric tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, silos)

They are designed according to common standards, using tested spreadsheets, specific software or general-purpose FEM programs. Specific analyses are performed for time dependent loads, geometrical and material nonlinearities and through-thickness phenomena.
Fatigue checks are performed for storage tanks, nozzles and for sea motion stresses.
We also design the supporting and temporary structures to be used during road and shipping transportation.

Steel industrial chimneys and Industrial hot and cold air ducts

The chimneys are designed considering vortex shedding effects and aeroelastic stability. The analysis can also define the characteristics of structural damping devices. Industrial hot and cold air ducts and flue gas system ducts are designed considering pressure, temperature and the relevant specific supporting system. FEM software is used in order to study strength resistance, buckling effects, vibration of steel plates with air velocity interaction and fatigue effects. Temporary structures to be used during lifting and installation phases, specific provisions for maintenance and decommissioning phases are also studied
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