Incide Engineering offers a full range of integrated engineering, architectural design and consultancy services to support its clients in the development of complex projects

The internal team is continuously supported by the most advanced technical and scientific developments, as well as continuous innovation and research. Using the most advanced software, the company develops the several engineering and architecture disciplines with 3D models, giving projects an integrated design approach, anticipating problems and having a real time view of constructions.
The multidisciplinary engineering division collaborates with architects, builders and at the end client's service, to develop structural and plant engineering projects, able to meet the expectations in terms of suitability, optimisation of materials and operation within budget limits.
Facades and architecture
The internal team of specialists deals with the design phases, from the concept to the construction detail, in parallel with the engineering-structural division, in order to engineer the architectural solutions alongside the architects and support resources, for the construction problems of the different types of buildings and for complex facade solutions.
Consultancy activities such as Assistance on Tenders, Works Supervision, Safety Coordination and Commissioning complete the list of services that Incide Engineering is able to supply in a completely professional manner.

Full-services competences

The integrated services offered by the company, start from the preliminary and conceptual design phases up to the definition of the specifications, implementation, optimisation and validation of executive projects

We build project teams using the best available talent. Our approach to “building solutions” is to work both on buildings and on creating mutidisciplinary solutions for our clients. The different internal professionals ensure a full coverage of all the skills we provide.
other services