FRMF Royal Moroccan Football Federation - Rabat | Morocco

Incide provided design activities for the construction of the New Headquarters of the Morocco Football Federation (Centre Sportif Maâmora), located in Salè Rabat (over 2000m²).
The first part of the assignment concerned the design executed for Jet Contractors, of the civil works (foundations), the steel structures of the building and the facades realised with a final aluminium-glass package.
The second part of the assignment concerned the design performed for Sepsi of the HVAC systems.
The design developed was supported by on-site coordination by Incide Maroc due to the need for continuous coordination with the Architect (designer), GC, Sepsi and the Final Client (Ministry). This was to allow for an optimisation of the project development time.
The project was developed using the BIM approach in order to easily manage and integrate structures, facades and installations.
Ministere de l'Equipement, du Transport, de la Logistique et de l'Eau Agence Nationale des Equipements Publics
Jet Contractors & Sespi
Moura Aziz El Kohen
Rabat - Marocco
Sport & spectacle - Infrastructures
Structural engineering - Civil engineering - Electrical engineering - Mechanical engineering - Special structure - Facade engineering - Bim & multidiscplipinary coordination - Project management