LIATEC plant for the assembly & maintenance of helicopters

The project concerns the design in the airport area of Abou Aisha, of a plant for the assembly and maintenance of airplanes and helicopters.
The plant is managed by L.I.A.TE.C. (Lybian Italian Aicraft Technology Company) a Joint Venture between Finmeccanica, Agusta and Lybian Company. It was built on an area of approximately 150.000 square metres inside the Abou Aisha airport and consists in the following structures: Assembly and maintenance hangar (8325 square metres) - Painting booth - Management and technical offices - Lunch room and prayer room (252 square metres) - Guard post - Parking areas and connection track.
Incide Engineering provided the complete architectural and structural design and the detailed design of the electrical systems (Medium voltage Room, Lighting, Communication and Low Voltage) and mechanical systems (Heating and Conditioning, Fire Protection, Plumbing, Compressed Air, Irrigation system and Sanitary Water).
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