Millennium Tower - Nigeria

The Millenium Tower, a symbol of Nigeria, located in the heart of Abuja, is part of a multifunctional architectural complex designed to house the most important African art museum in the whole country, an auditorium, shops and entertainment including restaurants, a fitness center and a hotel.
The 160m high tower is composed of three cylindrical concrete cores of varying heights, topped by a high-level restaurant, where visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of the city landscape.
Incide Engineering provided final design services for the steel structures. A structural model was completed which included concrete and steel units, to analyse the interaction and real behaviour of the structure.
Around the tower pillars three steel sails gently lapping the structure.
Incide engineering has provided executive design services for steel structures. A complete structural model of reinforced concrete and steel cores has been developed to analyze the interaction and the real behavior of the mixt structure.
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