Restoration of Palazzo Roccabonella

The complete design for a refined balance between old and new, to create environments full of charm in the heart of Padua. Based on the contact of the surfaces, the place was transformed for a conservative restoration of a 17th century building.
The elements were installed within the ancient walls, with frescoes and decorations, with light becoming the protagonist to mark the materials and signs of aging. Innovative systems intertwine in a silent, invisible, manner to create dynamic and elegant environments in the city centre.
Giò Ponti left his "mark" on the Palazzo Roccabonella and almost 90 years later Incide Engineering began a project for the "metamorphosis" of the main body and its appurtenances to create new homes, bimmersed in a combination of history and modernity.
Impresa Carron S.p.A.
Impresa Carron S.p.A.
Albano Salmaso
Padua - Italy
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