Student accommodation Campus Agripolis - Padua | Italy

The project envisages the construction of two buildings dedicated to university residence within the Agripolis Campus in the municipality of Legnaro (PD). In 1998, only one of the three buildings currently belonging to the E.S.U. was constructed. The project envisaged the completion of the cubature dedicated to the university residence Student House by means of funding under the PNRR - Next Generation EU.
The two buildings are both developed on three levels, creating a total of 45 double rooms for a total number of 90 accommodation places. In addition to the accommodation functions, common areas are provided to promote the social integration of students, for study, recreation and residence-related functions.
Pathways have been designed to connect the new residence with both the existing services (dedicated car park and public transport stop) and the existing university fabric (E.S.U. Residence and adjacent University Pole).
Incide developed the complete civil, fire, structural and plant design coordinated with the architectural project by means of a BIM platform.
Università degli studi di Padova
Università degli studi di Padova
Arch. Alberto Albertini - Consorzio di Progettazione
Padua - Italy
Residential & housing
Structural engineering - Civil engineering - Electrical engineering - Mechanical engineering - Fire protection engineering - Bim & multidiscplipinary coordination