Incide Wine: the new brand affects the design of the oenological

Data from the wine sector

The wine sector and the food and wine tourist attraction are a rapidly expanding sector in the world and Italian market, representing one of the growth drivers of our Country. 

Italy ranks second in world wine production, but only in quantitative terms, to France.

Another relevant figure is the quantity of consumption by country that sees the Italian market, in third place after the USA.

The Effects of the Pandemic

The pandemic period has created a significant reduction in consumption, equal to about 10%, and according to forecasts the return to previous levels is expected no earlier than 2024, as per the estimates of the IWRs, however if the same pandemic has generated new opportunities, such as the acceleration of digital and e-commerce, which have attracted very important investments that suggest further development in the medium and long term. Another aspect to consider, almost paradoxically, is the growth in consumption opportunities.

Because if it is evident that everything that is away from home has been almost eliminated, and will be limited for some time to come, it is equally true that, underlines the Iwsr (International Wines and Spirits Record), the shift in consumption within the home, the recovery of rhythms of slower life, more time spent by many in the kitchen, aperitifs, toasts and tastings in streaming and so on, have changed the scenario a lot. Another determining factor in the wine market is the issue of health and sustainability, already dominant before the pandemic, and increasingly important and present, which will give a further boost to organic, biodynamic and more generally low environmental impact wines.

Wincide to support the wine sector

Strengthened by the multidisciplinary experience present, Incide Engineering Srl has strengthened its skills in the wine sector, to position itself as a primary player in engineering supporting the wine and wine sector.

The BIM approach to design, combined with the knowledge of its specialist consultants in the wine sector, allows INCIDE, through the new Wincide, to support companies in the wine sector in the planning, design and construction of their infrastructures.

The services offered by Incide

Incide is able to support operators in the sector in a complete range of engineering services, from the definition of production layouts, to the integrated design of architectures and plant systems.

The knowledge of the peculiarities of the wine sector are supported by specialists in the sector such as winemakers and technologists of wine production, who, together with the technical designers, are able to provide the integrated services necessary for the chain of the wine world.

Project Magement
Incide offers Project Management services to better manage, organize, plan and control the various phases of the winery project from the concept design to the final development of the winemaking systems and equipment.

Integrated Design
Incide makes the integrated design of civil works and systems its working model. The architectural and civil design are integrated with the definition of the systems to obtain maximum efficiency and simple management during the processing phases.

Sustainability and efficiency
Incide has a conscious sensitivity to respect for the environment, which is why it develops technological solutions that, through the use of renewable energy and high-efficiency systems, are able to ensure minimum environmental impact combined with low operating costs. The certification of its production unit according to LEED and BREEM certifications.

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