Award of the Contract for the Italian Ministry of Defence

infrastrutture ministero della difesa

INCIDE Engineering, together with a grouping of companies, was awarded Lot No. 2 of the tender for the upgrading and modernisation of the Italian Ministry of Defence’s infrastructure.

The objective achieved’s the awarding of engineering services for design at all levels, safety and ancillary practices such as surveys, geological and geognostic investigations.


The winning companies

The contract was awarded by Incide Engineering in association with the engineering companies AI ENGINEERING S.R.L. of Turin, the architecture firm VITTORIO GRASSI ARCHITECTS SRL and the geology firm STUDIO IDROGEOTECNICO SRL both of Milan.


Italian Ministry of Defence: modernisation of infrastructure

The Agreement, with a duration of four years, provides for the awarding of a total of 27 professional services for engineering and architecture services, divided into three functional lots, to meet the specific needs for the strengthening and modernisation of the Italian Ministry of Defence infrastructures.

In particular, the grouping, following the awarding of lot 2, will perform the professional services for engineering services, geognostic, geological and archaeological surveys, for works of a single amount between ten and forty million euro.

The total amount of the works to be designed will be EUR 196,706,478.53.


Main works

The main works covered by the Lot Two assignment are ten, in particular

  1. the construction of a building for JFAC requirements in Poggio Renatico (FE)
  2. the ammunition depot in Ghedi (BS)
  3. the modernisation of the 28th GV APR systems citadel in Amendola (FG)
  4. the construction of a new hangar for HH101 helicopter maintenance in Grazzanise (CE)
  5. preliminary investigations the PFTE the final and executive design including geological investigations for the restoration of the De Gennaro barracks in Forlì (FC) as part of the Caserme Verdi project
  6. the acquisition of the final and executive design for the seismic improvement and functional upgrading of the European Military School ‘Grande Nunziatella’ in Naples
  7. the acquisition of the final and executive design for the static upgrading of the floors
  8. the seismic improvement and restoration of the premises of Palazzo Caprara and Baracchini in Rome
  9. the project to renovate the auditorium (cinema hall) in Livorno
  10. the project for the construction of the ISTAR citadel in Pratica di mare (RM).