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At the beginning of 2021, the QuattroChiacchiere project began, the digital space born from the desire and need to tell and discuss. In fact, we believe that communication is the first step to build research in the engineering field and the dissemination of the most advanced techniques, as well as a powerful tool for dialogue between sector operators and stakeholders.
Now, we are a community that involves more than 1,300 experts, including national and international members. The red thread of this path were articles, interviews and case studies marked by extensive in-depth white papers.

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Here you can download the 3 in-depth White Papers with national, international projects and innovative services.

  • The Restructuring of Palazzo Roccabonella: From the laser-scanner survey to the integrated BIM model

Over the centuries, Palazzo Roccabonella has been the subject of reinterpretations that have led to the coexistence of six historical periods. The in-depth study dedicated to Palazzo Roccabonella tells how the application of BIM to the restoration design of a very irregular and complex historical-artistic building was faced, from the survey phases to the design computation. The report of a beautiful challenge now in the final stages of its realization, which took place thanks to the extreme attention to detail and innovation.

  • Terminal 3, Orly Airport, Paris: the structural design of the new terminal

The Bâtiment de Jonction (connecting building) of Terminal Orly 3 for Paris Airports was one of the largest construction sites in operation in France until 2019. Incide oversaw the design of all the structures, in record time and with advanced techniques. Thanks to the White paper, you will be able to find out how the project for the new 450 Mil € terminal was carried out.

  • The wine sector: the selection of Incide services

The wine sector and the food and wine tourist attraction are booming in the world and Italian market, representing one of the growth drivers of our country. Strengthened by the multidisciplinary experience present, Incide Engineering has strengthened its skills in the wine sector, positioning itself as a primary player in engineering supporting the wine and wine sector. The team of engineers and architects and the collaboration with influential architects in the sector provide customized solutions and integrated services to winemakers to develop their own unique reality, from the definition of production layouts to the integrated design of architectures and plant systems. The use of renewable energy and high-efficiency systems ensure minimum environmental impact and low operating costs.

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