Healthcare: Incide Engineering’s services

Multi-disciplinary design in the healthcare sector is a complex activity, requiring in-depth knowledge of the sector on several fronts.

In particular, it requires:

  •       to know the legislative, regulatory and hygiene/sanitary requirements;
  •       to have a high level of expertise in the special types of medical gas installations and supply networks;
  •       to manage the energy and material resources consumed and the waste generated as a result of each activity.

Incide Engineering has decades of experience in the design of healthcare facilities, expansions and renovations of existing hospital complexes of excellence.

For this reason, the services provided for the hospital sector are manifold and include:

  •       feasibility studies;
  •       preliminary, final and executive design in the architectural, civil, structural and plant engineering fields;
  •       consultancy services such as Project Management, Works management, Fire prevention and Safety coordination.

Correct architectural design must take into account not only regulatory and safety constraints, but also the use and destination of spaces, considering and differentiating public, service and staff areas.

This is the only way to guarantee hygiene and eliminate architectural barriers.

The special nature of the sector provides for structural calculations with variable loads applied according to the intended use of the different areas (e.g. distributed vertical load of the operating room area increased to 10.00 kN/m2), REI120 fire resistance classes and Building Use Class IV (buildings with important public or strategic functions, also with reference to civil protection management in the event of a seismic event).

Sismica: Analisi del sottosuolo

In terms of systems, it is possible to create special systems that can be adapted to specific needs and contexts.

They offer numerous advantages. In particular, they:

  •       fulfil the normal control of thermo-hygrometric comfort and air quality;
  •       distribute high volumes of air with certain characteristics in a controlled and effective manner, depending on the particular use (operating rooms, diagnostics, hospital wards, surgeries, etc.);
  •       guarantee aseptic air systems and adequate air quality (antibacterial ducts, filtering and disinfection systems, etc.);
  •       ensure the distribution of special technical gases for hospital use (nitrous oxide, oxygen, medical air, carbon dioxide, etc.);
  •       are useful for treating and managing wastewater appropriately (e.g. in outpatient departments and radiotherapy wards);
  •       guarantee the healthiness of the hydronic networks and hot water storage (with a consequent reduction in the risk of proliferation of legionella bacteria);
  •       ensure adequate lighting parameters according to the intended use, both in terms of luminous fluxes and lighting levels;
  •       guarantee the continuity of the electrical supply of technological systems, equipment and connection systems.

Incide Engineering pays extreme attention to each phase of the design and realisation of the plants and special systems.

Careful design of the systems and networks, redundancy of key elements, passive safety and choice of the most reliable components minimise the impact of failures and disruptions.

In addition, this type of design guarantees an effective, timely and secure method of managing technological systems, which allows temporary or permanent changes to be made easily and quickly (given the continuous evolution of hospital structures, inherent in their very nature).

Finally, it should not be forgotten that, thanks to Incide Engineering’s careful design phases, the result ensures that the economic and energy running costs of the hospital structure are as low as possible, compatibly with the fulfilment of all the performance requirements mentioned above.

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