The future of HR is changing shape: Incide’s path for people

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The situation in the present of business, work and recruitment is constantly changing, as are people’s needs.

Today, as never before, the question arises as to how to deal effectively with this evolution and whether it is possible to make a difference: according to us at Incide it is possible.

In its natural propensity to develop ideas and projects, Incide Engineering has always believed in the growth of its employees and in revisiting its operating schemes to be able to face the changing needs of the market but above all to meet the needs of its most precious resources: people.

Human resources: how to combine performance and welfare

Building organisational environments that generate and combine performance and well-being is the most important challenge companies will face in the coming years.

Never before have we been called upon to provide our teams with an inspiring vision of the future, to motivate our employees, to facilitate communication processes, to instil trust and take action to ensure collaboration within our organisations.

This is why it is essential to analyse the health of your company with regard to people management, evaluation systems and communication.

Only from a study of current organisational models will it be possible to define and build the personal HR model of the future, to successfully face a changing market and bring out the talent in your employees.

But how to meet market needs while paying attention and caring for people?

Times have changed and are constantly changing, as are people’s needs: having the ability to intercept and meet them is fundamental.

In the field of welfare, employee training plays a decisive role.

Among the factors associated with improving the mental health and well-being of employees (including organisational, team and individual level factors), enabling individual growth is very important.

Individual learning and development programmes are proven to be effective in combating burnout and engaging employees as well as increasing the company’s performance in its projects.

Deciding to pay attention to talent retraining and professional development allows for improvements in a number of financial, organisational and employee experience parameters, signalling an opportunity for leaders to support employees’ desire to learn, explore and grow far beyond traditional career progression.

Training and listening to employees and their needs is therefore increasingly central.

For this reason, Incide has chosen to undertake HR training to better interpret the changing working present and meet the needs of its most important resources: its employees.

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Incide and INNER Academy: new energy for people

Thanks to INNER, a company that provides coaching on transversal themes of managerial development, the corporate HR of Incide Engineering was involved in a path of growth and learning of new techniques necessary to deal with current changes and encourage the articulation of new professional relationships based on exchange and comparison.

The INNER Academy was coordinated by Stefano Pasqualetto (professional Coach and HR Management expert), who was flanked by experienced professionals on the various topics on the programme.

Among the topics covered, the main ones were:

  • the evolution of organisational and management models
  • the digital transformation in the HR world and organisational communication
  • the role of HR in a changing context: coaching and emotional intelligence and performance management
  • the evolution of training and the definition of wellbeing and potential development programmes

With INNER’s support, Incide has defined its HR model of the future, bringing out the talents of its resources.

Today more than ever, in fact, caring for and listening to people is central, as is the possibility of offering continuous training that translates into the optimisation of company performance and greater wellbeing and individual growth for the employee.

Growing your business, in fact, means growing the people who feed it every day, with passion and dedication, towards a shared identity.

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