Organisational evolution: values translated into reality

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How to build an organisation fit for the future?

It is largely about having a purpose, mission and experience in the value proposition. People want to be part of an organisation that makes a difference – to the world, to their community and to themselves.

Incide is enthusiastic about emphasising people’s potential, equipping them with the skills, mindset and behaviour to achieve their goals.

Change within a company must, now more than ever, also involve human resources. Growing one’s business, in fact, means growing the people who feed it every day, to align them with the company’s values and objectives and make them share in the results.

Translating corporate values and goals into everyday reality requires in-depth analysis and joint work within the company.

Incide, in fact, has chosen to undertake this path of organisational evolution with the support of INNER, a coaching company on transversal management development issues.

Towards a new management model: the experience with INNER

To give an imprint, a mark with respect to the cultural traits of how work is experienced within the company: this was the objective of Incide, achieved thanks to the INNER course.

As Andrea Rizzi, INNER’s consultant and trainer, explains, within every organisation there is a reference model for managing interpersonal relations. However, this model is often neither desired nor desired, but is generated on the basis of the dynamics that take place within the company over time.

Therefore, it is necessary for this model to be decided, studied, desired by the company, in order for it to be healthy.

It is therefore necessary to define the reference model and what kind of relations one wants to establish with one’s collaborators.

This is precisely where the company’s organisational evolution began.

Together with INNER, intensive work was undertaken to package Incide’s personal method.

Its values were translated into behaviours translated into goals and corporate roles.

A method for the correct internal communication of values and a feedback methodology was also devised.

Watch the video to find out more:

The importance of motivation and soft skills

In order to bring values into everyday working life, communication and feedback are crucial.

This is why Incide, together with a team of INNER professionals, has organised several training sessions in recent years, where topics such as emotional intelligence, transversal vision, project management and other soft skills or transversal competences have been covered.

Soft skills such as motivation, stress management, leadership, time management and team working are now more necessary than ever for optimal collaboration.

In an ever-changing world of work, advanced and up-to-date skills are in demand, but when choosing people to work with for Incide Engineering, soft skills are of great importance, alongside digital and technical skills.

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