Incide Engineering and University of Padua

A fruitful collaboration between work and innovation


The University of Padua and in particular the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (DICEA), has been collaborating for years with the engineering company Incide Engineering for corporate internship projects aimed at the realization of degree theses.

The collaboration was born by the will of Professor Valentina Salomoni, professor of Structural Dynamics, who strongly believed in the collaboration between the world of work and universities.

“The collaboration with Incide Engineering was born 4 years ago from the desire to give our fifth year students a real vision on the world of work and to activate thesis projects that could create an integration between the academic world and the world of work. With Incide Engineering we have graduated seven students who had the opportunity to experience, thanks to an internship project in the company, the knowledge of their training path applied to concrete examples of the profession and through the application of innovation and research.”

Each academic year Incide Engineering is invited by Prof. Salomoni to give some lectures to students with the aim of illustrating examples and methods typical of an international engineering company and providing future engineers with a vision of the possible real applications of such a demanding training path , but of which one does not always have a way to understand the real opportunities.

Incide Engineering, in the person of its CEO Gianluca Vallerini, enthusiastically welcomed this possibility.

“The world of work imposes on us challenges in terms of time and design solutions that necessarily require a continuous process of innovation. The collaboration with the University of Padua, with the support of thesis projects, gives Incide Engineering the opportunity to experience technological innovation in our projects and at the same time to meet engineers “in progress”, who are often included in the our staff”.

As part of the Theses developed, some innovation projects were able to be developed aimed at the interoperability of Softwares, in the context of BIM methodologies.

Custom softwares  were created wich allowed interchangeability between structural calculation models (in the software formats used by the Strauss and StaadPro company) and BIM information models (in Revit and Rhino formats), through the use of parametric designs.

In particular, a proprietary data interchange model was created, called IncideX, which allows information to be transferred between the various models


This type of applications are the perfect combination between the need for innovation that new projects require and the skills and research that the academic world makes available.


Incide Engineering and the University of Padua will continue to collaborate in this direction, to increasingly favor the integration between work and the culture of the University, a fundamental and often underestimated pillar for the growth of our country.