Incide among the Top Talkers at Forum Ingegneria 4.0 in Italy

forum ingegneria 4.0 reggio emilia

On the occasion of Forum Ingegneria 4.0, Incide was invited as a top talker on 20 and 21 June 2024 at the Tecnopolo in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Organised by CSPFea e IIS – Istituto Italiano della Saldatura, Growith Advisory & Investment e BFA Impresa, this two-day event is now in its fourth edition and has become the annual networking moment between designers, manufacturers and the manufacturing industry.

Concluded with enormous success and acclaim, it was a key meeting point where CEOs and representatives of major Italian companies presented the strategies and initiatives implemented in their companies. A unique opportunity, therefore, to listen to and discuss with experts in Engineering, Construction, Architecture and discover the directions that are shaping the future of the sector.



During the presentations and panel discussions that took place, specific topics and proposals were addressed to meet the needs of the sector. The contributions focused on three main areas: the human factor, building an ecosystem and digital advancement, bringing out debates that emphasised man and his environment.

In fact, the importance of creating an ecosystem permeated the entire event, but was particularly deepened during the first day and with Incide’s speech.



The human factor is the engine of the future: Incide’s model and speech

The only way to grow in the future market is through the positive contamination of skills, aggregation and open-mindedness.

This is how Gianluca Vallerini, CEO of Incide Engineering, highlighted the need to build a network of talents, entrepreneurs, companies and universities, capable of collaborating to develop new business models, focusing on exploration, connection between people and collaboration.

In particular, he shared how the figure of the engineer has changed over time to meet current needs. This is why Incide itself, which had to manage significant growth in recent years, introduced new business models to better support the evolutionary change in society.

They unfold in a profound analysis and consequent transformation of models through a holistic vision that encompasses

  • the human factor at the centre;
  • process management;
  • the innovation of new technologies.

In riding these processes, the importance of the correct management of the complexity of projects, stakeholders and, above all, human resources emerges.

The internal human factor, in fact, can already be considered an essential ecosystem to be valued, involved, attracted, listened to and trained, both from a technical and multidisciplinary point of view, since it is the engine of the future and of the organisation.


gianluca valleriniforum ingegneria 4.0
Gianluca Vallerini, CEO of Incide Engineering, collects the Top Talker plaque


In this evolution, being able to deal with different baggage of experience has been crucial and this is also reflected in the day-to-day practice of dealing with customers, stakeholders, colleagues and partners: sharing and joining forces not only allows one to look at individual challenges from different perspectives, but also enriches innovative ideas and cutting-edge projects.

The objective is the interaction between the open ecosystem of talent communities (entrepreneurs, developers, creatives), clusters of professional organisations (such as companies), operating companies and investors to conceive and implement new business models, innovative solutions around domains and properties.

It’s an Organisational Environment where innovators, technology entrepreneurs, suppliers and employees become an active part of a community working together for the same purpose: to innovate and support adaptation from within an ecosystem. The format aims to curate a series of functions, programmes to foster Open Innovation flows, unifying them and converging them into a single platform to explore, connect, experiment and deliver the expected results.

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