INCIDE Engineering strengthens through a new Board of Directors

nuovo consiglio amministrazione incide engineering

INCIDE Engineering – an international engineering company with headquarters in Padua and specialised in integrated and multidisciplinary engineering – is strengthened with a new Board of Directors.

The Shareholders’ Meeting recently resolved on the appointment of the new Board of Directors for the years 2022 and 2023. The Board of Directors was renewed, confirming founder Gianluca Vallerini as president.

At the same time, the Assembly appointed Ugo Tombacco and Giampaolo Vallerini, who have contributed to the company’s birth and development, as directors with proxies.

Finally, it introduced in the same Board other relevant figures for INCIDE’s direction towards 2030: Maurizio Rossi (co-founder and former co-AD of H-Farm, a technological innovation campus in Roncade, Treviso), Ermanno Quagliaro (entrepreneur and business developer in French-speaking and African markets) and Tito Cattaneo (architect and entrepreneur in the field of technological innovation).

As part of its corporate consolidation plan and its organisational structure, the Shareholders’ Meeting of INCIDE Engineering wanted to endow the company with the contribution of highly professional individuals, continuing the expansion of the operational and development perimeter to which the company has been committed for some time. In fact, the new Board of Directors also approved the company’s development programme, which envisages a strengthening in the strategic engineering sector in Italy and, in particular, abroad.

INCIDE Engineering’s current structure strengthens its representative role towards stakeholders and customers, who will be able to find strategic expertise and innovation in the company.

Among the main goals that INCIDE Engineering pursues are those aimed at building a company in step with the new needs of the market and the world of work, increasingly strengthening the professional skills present and placing the values of INCIDE and its collaborators at the centre of its development strategy.

Gianluca Vallerini, as President of INCIDE Engineering, comments: «I express my full satisfaction for the entrance of the new members to whom we warmly welcome, certain that their skills will bring value in the development of INCIDE’s business, thanks to their know-how and proven experience in multidisciplinary engineering, architecture and sales management, and that they will complete the transformation from a ‘family’ company to a managerial reality, while preserving its origins».

Maurizio Rossi, co-founder of H-Farm, adds: «The pleasure of meeting again with old friends after three decades and discovering that during this time they have managed to realise what was their dream is an honour, as is accepting the invitation to join the Board of Directors at a time of further development. It will be an exciting journey to lead together with the new Board and friends, whom I thank for the invitation: I hope my contribution will bring further value to the company».