113th Air Force housing building - Portogruaro | Italy

Following the awarding of the tender, Incide, in partnership with Vittorio Grassi Architetto, developed the service of executive design and safety coordination during the design phase for the adaptation of the 113th Military Air Force Base in Portogruaro (VE).
The following works were designed: Construction of a building to be used for housing of various types (ASI/AST - ASC – APP); Surface and deep clearance of war devices; ex-novo construction of a portion of the perimeter fence following the reconfiguration of the perimeter of the Operational Zone, which envisages the transfer of areas of the perimeter itself; construction of perimeter lighting to be carried out on the entire fence of the new perimeter and preparation of a cable duct to be used for the installation of a future anti-intrusion system; Localised works aimed at repairing the existing fence by restoring the damaged portions; Creation of a fire-fighting system through the construction of a water ring equipped with above-ground hydrants, a water reserve tank and a pressurisation system for the system.
Ministero della Difesa - Aeronautica Militare - 1° Reparto Genio A.M.
Ministero della Difesa - Aeronautica Militare - 1° Reparto Genio A.M.
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Portogruaro - Italy
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