Qatar airways maintenance hangar on Italian Magazine Lo Strutturista

Quatar Mainta

The first magazine dedicated to Italian structural engineers opens with the case study of the Qatar Airways Maintenance Hangar in Doha International Airport, designed by Incide Engineering for Cimolai SpA.

Lo Strutturista magazine, which features outstanding signatures in structural engineering with columns designed to offer the best for Italian engineers, in fact devoted ample space to the structural details of the engineering project for the largest hangar in the world, narrated by engineer and CEO of Incide Engineering, Gianluca Vallerini.


The design methodology and assembly method

Issue 15 of the magazine, released in July 2023, features the first part of an in-depth look at the Aircraft Maintenance Hangar Facility, the main maintenance center for the large aircraft in Qatar Airways’ international fleet.

The facility consists of two side-by-side hangars designed in order to give the greatest flexibility for storing aircraft and, at the same time, to ensure maximum efficiency for their maintenance.

Incide Engineering was commissioned to develop the detailed design of the metal structures of the entire Aircraft Maintenance Hangar complex, including the Hangars, Workshop structures and accessory buildings.

Find out all the details about the design methodology adopted and the method of erection in Issue 15 of The Structural Engineer:


Assembly strategies and structural systems

In Issue 16 of the magazine, which came out in October 2023, however, is the second part of the in-depth look at the Aircraft Maintenance Hangar Facility, which shows in detail the project developed, the phases and methodology adopted, and up to the assembly strategies and structural systems.

Find out all the details in issue 16 of The Structural Engineer:


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