The skills of Incide in the Sport & Entertainment Sector

Incide projects and services in the Sport & Entertainment sector

Sports facilities assumed a central role of collective service, for the psycho-physical well-being of the individual and competitive activity. This is why Incide pays attention to the complete well-being of the user, from the conception to the design of sports facilities.

Furthermore, the buildings designed for the

world of sport and entertainment express strong representative values, so Incide takes care of their design to the point of making them become real architectural icons.

The approach chosen is contemporary: Incide analyzes the constants looking for the standard even in works with a very complex design. The choice of tools is fundamental and is defined by the latest and safest construction technologies.

Football stadiums

Stadium design considers the need to create people-friendly structures to offer the highest level of comfort and safety.

Football stadiums are increasingly seen as architectural icons within the urban landscape, having a huge impact on surrounding communities and infrastructure.

For this, Incide develops the project with the aim of maximizing commercial potential by incorporating a wide range of facilities and services.

Ristrutturazione stadio Friuli

Arenas and show facilities

I progetti di edifici per lo spettacolo di successo riflettono al meglio le esigenze e sono sviluppati partendo dal layout di base fino ai dettagli esecutivi costruttivi. Incide fornisce  anche servizio di consulenza per direzione lavori e coordinazione alla sicurezza.

Sports halls

For multipurpose structures and sports halls, Incide offers its experience thanks to services ranging from architectural to structural design, also contemplating plant and acoustic design. The projects are coordinated with BIM methodology to manage all data clearly and on schedule.

Sport arena Villafranca


Incide operates in compliance with the most up-to-date and certified safety standards and offers complete services for the design of stadiums and arenas:

Architectural design
Structural design
MEP systems design
Interior design
Construction management
Mechanical engineering
Electrical Installations
Construction supervision and safety coordination

The large public or private, local or international structures designed by Incide for this sector vary and also include swimming pools, gyms and multipurpose facilities.

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