The most relevant steel structure projects

structural engineering projects

In a competitive global market, the quality of services becomes crucial. Incide Engineering combines high competence and professionalism with a constant focus on new design techniques and methodologies for structural engineering.

In the field of steel structures, its many decades of experience are reflected in a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities these buildings present.

In fact, steel constructions are able to meet high performance standards in several areas, such as:

  • seismic safety
  • durability and eco-efficiency
  • precise time management
  • reduced use of resources
  • reduction of waste materials

In addition, the easy integration of insulation systems and systems allows the energy, acoustic and fire resistance requirements to be amply met, as well as the possibility of re-use of components and complete recycling of material, hence the competitiveness of steel constructions also in terms of environmental sustainability.

Through its method, Incide accurately covers the conceptual design and development of calculations using finite elements, the production of executive and construction drawings through the use of BIM methodology, benefiting considerably from the interoperability of processes, up to the study of the assembly phases.

Below are some of the main projects carried out in the field of steel structures, in various sectors.


Industrial plants: NSC Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

The structure, called the ‘New Safe Confinement‘ (NSC), contains the radioactive leaks from Chernobyl’s Nuclear Reactor No. 4, part of which was destroyed in the 1986 accident.
Cimolai was responsible for the design, production and construction of the main and secondary steel structures of the roof.
Incide Engineering supported Cimolai in the operations of:

  • Calculation of nodal connections East and West walls;
  • Structural calculation of opening walls during positioning (Tilting panels);
  • Verification of lifting equipment (trolleys, strain jacks, special devices);
  • Verification of secondary structures (internal plumbed walkways, external 96m staircase, external tilting panel winches).

New Safe Confinemen NSC Chernobyl


Sport & Entertainment: Défense Arena and Seine Musicale in France

The Paris Défense Arena is a multi-purpose structure. Incide Engineering was responsible for the structural design and erection of the temporary steel structures supporting the roof. The activities required intense coordination work with all the companies in order to make it possible to carry out the lifting operations using one of the largest crawler cranes in Europe; secondary lifting was also carried out with mobile cranes, internal and external, and civil cranes.
The main roof was lifted in one operation using 12 jacks (Strand jacks) positioned at the top of the roof.

arena paris la defense


The Seine Musicale stretches some 280 metres along the Seine. The structure was designed to guarantee the best musical experience thanks to exceptional acoustics. It provides space for concerts, exhibitions, permanent or temporary facilities, sports courses or cultural walks, children’s playgrounds, restaurants, and shops related to art and culture.
Incide Engineering developed the detailed design of the steel structure:

  • overhaul and optimisation of steel structures
  • executive design of steel structures and assembly

la seine musicale architecte


Commercial buildings: Aspire Tower in Doha, Qatar

At 318 metres, the Aspire Tower was designed to hold the Olympic flame for the 2008 Olympic Games, and then become a high-end hotel with a revolving restaurant and sports museum.
The design consists of a cylindrical concrete core, covered by a steel lattice structure.
Incide Engineering provided assistance during the construction phases to the structural design developed by Cimolai SpA by carrying out the design of the Cone and Petal structures on the top of the Tower and the calculations for the elevation of the structure and the design of the temporary steel structures.

Aspire Tower doha qatar


Infrastructures: Al Raha Bridge, Abu Dhabi

Incide was entrusted with the design of the bridge, which has a total span of 83.6m with 3 spans of approximately 20m and a total width of 29.4m required to accommodate 4 traffic lanes, 2 quaysides, 2 pavements and the central pipe compartment.
The load-bearing structure of the single deck consists of 2 pairs of lowered steel arches with a circular cross-section; the arches support a radius of piers, which in turn support the upper beam. The reinforced concrete slab rests on the upper beams of the arches and on stringers of decreasing height.


Aviation: Cargo Terminal for Doha Airport

An 850000 sq ft cargo warehouse at Doha’s new international airport, for which Incide Engineering provided structural design services. A partial mezzanine supports an automated cargo storage and retrieval system, the main feature of the facility. The facility has the capacity for 750000 tonnes of cargo per year, making it one of the 20 largest cargo facilities in the world.


In addition to traditional structures, Incide is also involved in the design and construction of special structures, such as port cranes for loading and unloading, thanks to its expertise and versatility in the field of steel structural engineering.

From the tallest towers to the most complex civil engineering projects, the company offers state-of-the-art solutions that comply with international standards.