Moments that matter: the Employee Experience

employee experience

Incide Engineering’s realization of the company’s people-oriented strategic direction of growth continues, with the entire team recently starring in challenging activities conducted together with fun, cohesion and sharing.


“All in the same boat” in sync with team spirit

The first of these adventures took team members to the picturesque setting of the Venice lagoon, where they participated in an exciting session of Dragon Boat, an activity that requires synchronicity, communication, and team spirit. The focus is not, in fact, on individual skills, but on collaborative effort: everyone in the boat must work together and paddle in perfect timing to reach the finish line.



This type of sports activity not only required perfect coordination, but also brought to light the importance of teamwork: each person played a unique role, demonstrating that success is the result of everyone’s contribution.


Being a team means rowing in the same direction and in a coordinated way.


In addition, the experience offered them the opportunity to learn about the Venetian landscape from a unique perspective, observing the Historic Center with its architecture and buildings from the water perspective, thus discovering details and curiosities hidden in every corner of the city.


E-mtb in the Euganean Hills: more than just a bike ride

After this aquatic adventure, the Incide Engineering team experimented with an E-mtb ride, and the beauty of the natural landscapes of the Euganean Hills provided the ideal backdrop for this team-building experience.

Electric or muscular: each person chose the means most in line with their abilities, on a route designed to be accessible to all but challenging. In fact, Incide’s large team tackled as many as 35 km and 880 m of elevation gain, mostly on dirt roads, pedaling together and expressing their best.



The exciting excursions, which ended with a much-needed and enjoyable time of refreshment in the company, helped deepen mutual understanding among colleagues, increase trust and enhance cohesion, but most importantly, fueled the desire to replicate similar activities.

The organization of business processes related to human resource management aims to improve relationships among people, increase performance and ensure greater job satisfaction.

It’s under this framing that the Employee Journey should be read, i.e., the generation of occasions, events, and activities such as those recently held, which resources experience together with the company and which contribute to engagement and participation in the company’s values and business.