Lecture at the University of Padua: new steel structures

lavoro ingegneria civile

The collaboration with the University of Padua, started by Incide several years ago, is a valuable resource for combining the innovation, skills and methodology of a structured and international company with the passion of talents about to land a job.

On 23 May 2023, Incide CEO Gianluca Vallerini and Simone Noro, Stuctures Dept. Coordinator, gave a content-rich lecture on professional activities in Civil Engineering with a focus on structures.

The informative meeting, hosted by the Dynamics of Structures course in the Civil Engineering Department, reviewed Incide Engineering’s experiences in the field of structures, bringing two important case studies.


Humanity Bridge, Chelyabinsk

The Humanity Bridge is a design proposal for a bridge in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

The main structure, with a variable trapezoidal section, rotates around the bridge, creating a special architectural effect. The street lighting system is implemented in the main structure.

Watch the video to discover the details:



ArcelorMittal Tower

The new world headquarters of the steel giant is realised in this project, which responds to W&A‘s very specific request to create a modern building that exploits the full potential of steel and highlights its various advantages over other building materials, as well as its use in green and sustainable construction.

Incide presented the entire process, from BIM design and model data management through Business Intelligence, to asset management.

Learn more about the entire project from our in-depth study.

ArcelorMittal Tower

«The world of work imposes challenges on us in terms of time and design solutions, which necessarily require a continuous process of innovation» explains Gianluca Vallerini, CEO of Incide Engineering.

«The collaboration with the University of Padua, with the support of thesis projects, gives Incide the opportunity to experiment with technological innovation in our projects and, at the same time, to get to know engineers ‘in fieri’, who are often included in our workforce».