The action plan to drive growth: Incide’s project with INNER

employee journey

Growing and structuring in an increasingly complex reality requires a strategy and a plan for organisational evolution. To achieve these, Incide chose the professionals at INNER as its companions along the way.

INNER is a consulting and training company for personal and organisational development, specialising in management and HR management, the blossoming of talent and team spirit, and the growth of organisational well-being.

It was the year 2021 when the activity began, which’s aimed at the targeted evolution of Incide Engineering, the international company that’s becoming increasingly articulate, particularly internally: paying attention to all components, from welfare to team spirit, is becoming increasingly central.

In fact, the main element from which this process has taken off has been people: from Management to Selection Processes, from Qualitative and Quantitative Performance to Growth Plans, starting with Skills and Potential Mapping, the latest work that has enabled each talent to recognise their strengths in order to understand how to make the most of them and to discover areas for improvement.

The overall process to reach the goal is developed on three interconnected levels, which unfold progressively as the organisation evolves.


dipendenti incide


The shared management model

From centralised company management, Incide’s evolving towards an outlined structure starting with the definition of the elements of the managerial and HR management model, as well as values and behaviours, roles and objectives, communication and feedback methods, and planning.

The model was then shared with the managers and periodic training sessions are carried out to support them in the best possible way towards proper management of their teams.

Values and a sense of belonging

The first step was to retrace and relaunch the corporate values that have made Incide the company it is today: a reference point for complex design at national and international level.

The translation of the company’s values and objectives into daily reality requires in-depth analysis and joint work to create a cohesive working group, which is why the staff was involved with the aim of aligning the shared values and making them into behaviours and modes of action.



The Value of the Employee Journey

All the activity of structuring corporate processes related to human resources management is carried out with a view to improving people relations, performance and job satisfaction. It is under this framing that the Employee Journey should also be read, i.e. the generation of occasions, events, activities and touchpoints that resources experience together with the company and that contribute to their involvement and participation in the company’s values and business.