Interview with Andrea Zuolo, Project Manager

andrea zuolo incide engineering

From professional evolution to key elements for team management: Andrea Zuolo, Project Manager and Senior Civil Engineer in the Structures department of Incide Engineering, talks about himself in an interview. «The Incide factor? Without a doubt, the team: I believe we are all part of something big.»

Read the interview with Andrea and discover his professional journey!



What’s your professional background?

«I started out as a designer thirteen years ago, growing professionally and evolving within Incide. The responsibilities have then grown to my current role».


What do you do at Incide Engineering?

«At Incide, I’m a Job Coordinator, so I manage all the professionals involved in the projects by distributing the disciplines and controlling the flow of the job order from start to finish, but without ceasing to be a designer as well».


What challenges have you gone through in your career?

«My professional growth has been full of challenges, and I believe that every choice in work is a challenge. Certainly, there have been projects that have turned my career around and that have undoubtedly represented a stimulating challenge for me in terms of responsibility. The first projects I followed in France are an example of this: La Cité Musicale, to name but one, was a challenge for many of us in the team and allowed us to learn a lot, as well as to achieve a significant goal».


Would you like to tell us about your change of path and return to Incide?

«There are times when everyone takes stock, personally and professionally, of their journey.

For me, that moment occurred during the pandemic, a period that involved many areas of life in its vortex. So, following a good proposal, I decided to make a change of job and role.

After about a year, I realised that I would have liked to return to my path, to my original role and, above all, to a reality where people believe in what they do, with ambition and passion: I came back to Incide and it was good to be back with this project».


Was there a particularly important project for you?

«The great thing about this job is that every project starts out as a nebulous set of information that has to be organised, outlining what’s required by the client, but then there’s a turning point: after the order is placed, the project takes a path, we begin to see its direction and its fulfilment. In fact, the Paris project, La Seine Musicale, started out as something complex and confusing, then the great skill of everyone dissolved every obstacle, bringing home a wonderful result».


What’s your winning element at work?

«Definitely, management skills and empathy: the latter in my opinion is a decisive element, because when you create a bond you work better and well».


What’s the Incide factor, in your opinion?

«The Incide factor for me is, without a doubt, the group. I’m reminded of a book called  “No man is an island”: here, I believe that we are all part of something big, that everyone has something to give by doing it to the best of their ability and then uniting everything.

I believe a lot in people, and in my job in particular it is important that everyone believes in what I do as a sales manager and, above all, in what they do: then everything becomes easier and we achieve important results together!».



The enhancement of talents and the development of new skills are among the ongoing values and objectives that Incide pursues. All business processes related to human resources management are structured with the aim of improving people relations, performance and job satisfaction, as shown in the organisational evolution plan.