The schools of the future in STYLE PICCOLI, Il Corriere della Sera

style piccoli corriere della sera scuole fidenza albaredo

On newsstands from mid-January 2024, the bimonthly magazine STYLE PICCOLI of Il Corriere della Sera reports on the school projects in Albaredo d’Adige (VR) and Fidenza (PR).

The magazine illustrates the projects carried out by Incide Engineering in collaboration with Vittorio Grassi Architects to build the schools of the future, but above all to build a new way of learning composed of dialogue with nature, inclusion through space, and sustainability achieved through green building.

Incide Engineering was responsible for designing the structures, fire prevention, systems and sustainable design, to maximise the entry of natural light, regulate the flow of rainwater, purify the air and save energy with thermal and solar panels.

These are significant projects and collaborations that add value to the AEC sector and aim to give new generations better places in which to grow and train.

Without culture there is no future, and to cultivate it we also need the most appropriate infrastructure, capable of generating inclusion and sustainability in safety.


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Antonio Vivaldi & Renato Simoni School Complex – Albaredo d’Adige | Italy