Incide Christmas Week: creativity, trust, team communication

team building natale

Creativity, trust and communication are some of the key elements that achieve well-being in relationships and, in particular, in work teams.

These principles were also the fundamental tools in the hands of all the resources of our Team during the Incide Christmas Week activities: a week dedicated to people and shared serenity to welcome the holidays and rest.

Before the Christmas break, the entire Team was in fact invited to get out of their comfort zone, to get involved together and thus lighten the relational dynamics, experimenting with various activities: here are some of them.


Communication: clarity is the basis for success

After opening Christmas Week with a rebus in Venetodialect, an engaging and fun way to test creativity and team spirit, in the heart of the week we focused on communication. Through the game of the ‘Wireless Telephone’, a dynamic exploration of the importance of communication, the centrality of clarity emerged for goal-centred understanding, both at work and in everyday life.



Trust: knowing how to rely on a common goal 

A virtuous circle of trust was formed thanks to the game in which, blindfolded, we relied on each other to achieve a common goal. This experience strengthened the bond between everyone, demonstrating how mutual trust is also an essential pillar in work management.


Creativity: out of the comfort zone

The final game, the creation of a song about Incide’s values, finally turned creativity into melody, reinforcing the principles that guide our company.


Incide Christmas Week created new shared experiences, reminding us how crucial it is to cultivate internal relationships.

Although Christmas is now behind us, the memories of these special days generate the positive energy with which we face our project challenges every day, conducted with the commitment of those who know how to embrace change with innovation, professionalism and a broad ecosystem of skills.