Multipurpose facility Parco Urbano Termale - Abano T. | Italy

Project for a new multi-purpose centre to replace the former Magnolia theatre within the Parco Urbano Termale in Abano Terme (PD). The new intervention has a total value of more than EUR 3 million.
The new structure dialogues with the park in a fluid manner, upgrading its use and positioning the theatre in such a way as to facilitate the connection between the pedestrian area and the Urban Park. A new sinuous roof, realised by means of a steel structure covered by a translucent membrane that wraps the multifunctional plate (accommodating up to six hundred spectators) and three bodies with the functions of warehouse and changing rooms for the artists, bar and toilets. All integrated into a flexible space that adapts to various usage scenarios, a synergic extension of the park capable of hosting various activities.
A key element was the relationship with the natural landscape, which also insinuates itself into the covered space, as well as the element of water, which runs through and characterises the project, weaving a strong connection between the park and the Thermal town.
Particular attention has also been given to hydraulic safety aspects. By utilising the changes in elevation and the differences in height designed for the green areas, lamination spaces totalling 400 cubic metres were created.
The project was carried out in a synergetic manner between Incide's architectural/structural department and the administration of Abano, grasping and interpreting the guidelines provided by the client to develop a high-tech project developed with parametric design technologies.
Comune di Abano Terme
Comune di Abano Terme
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