The most read articles of 2022: from structures to sustainability

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The Winter break is the perfect time of year not only to rest, but also to plan, study and catch up on knowledge and innovations to put into practice in 2023.

In this article, we have given you INCIDE’s most consulted content for 2022, from facilities to sustainability: enjoy your reading!

Steel Structures: Light Steel Frame

Steel houses represent a new and growing building system in Italy, full of benefits. Through its collaboration with Manni Green Tech, Incide Engineering is developing cutting-edge construction solutions: find out more about the opportunities offered by the Light Steel Frame, the growing novelty for the structure of residential buildings.

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Cement Structures: Special Nuclear Applications

How to dispose of nuclear waste while guaranteeing maximum safety for workers, the population and the environment? This was explained by Simone Noro (Structures Dept. Coordinator) and Gianluca Vallerini, talking about the nuclear waste cementing plant with the CEMEX Complex in Saluggia (VC). This is a project of high complexity, due to the particular plant articulation. Discover the Dynamic Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings in the Nuclear Field.

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Airport Fire Engineering

This year Fiumicino’s new Green and Hi-Tech Pier A took off, reinforcing the award to Aeroporti di Roma as the best European airport. The Fiumicino of tomorrow will have to meet the new needs of users with efficiency, technology, environmental friendliness and maximum safety. It is in this framework that Incide Engineering’s fire-fighting intervention fits. Find out in the full article.

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Research & Development: New Steel Structures

Choosing a design and construction that is effective and, at the same time, respects all the principles of environmental sustainability is now a reality, thanks to an idea developed by the Rosasco architectural firm and engineered by Incide Engineering. The Crossed Spirals® Reticular Structure is inspired by nature and offers many advantages. Discover them all, from the architectural concept to the structural solution.

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Plants in the Hospital Sector

There are many services for healthcare to ensure the effective management of planned facilities and the maintenance of hygiene. They also enable changes and minimise the impact of failures and disruptions through the use of innovative techniques and a focus on safety. Discover them all.

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Sustainability & Certifications

A sustainable future is possible: Francesco Boldrini, Incide’s Technical Office Coordinator, has obtained LEED Certification for design. Discover all its benefits and a new green project on its way to LEED Gold certification.

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Do you have a large architecture or construction company and are you looking for engineering services to realise your projects? These readings can be the right starting point. To get to the finish line, you then need the experience that only a multidisciplinary, state-of-the-art engineering company can provide. Contact us for advice and … we wish you a good read and a pleasant holiday!