Incide’s expertise in the Aviation market

aeronautical services

Thanks to professionals with decades of experience in the design of airports and aeronautical infrastructures, Incide has high skills that built up both national and international experience.

For years, in fact, Incide has been collaborating with industries operating in the aeronautical sector, airport operators and airlines, providing highly qualified services in the various airport engineering sectors. Its skills are integrated by the coordination of all operational and management needs to provide customers with optimal solutions in every respect.

Engineering services for airport terminals, hangars, parking buildings and cargo terminals include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Executive planning
  • Validations
  • Construction supervision
  • Seismic design
  • Wind analysis
  • Quality control
  • Optimization Studies
  • Investigations and analysis of the building envelope
  • Recommendation and planning of rehabilitation
  • Retrofit
  • Renovations

An example is the large Qatar Airways Maintenance Hangar maintenance complex, located in Doha Airport and designed by Incide for Cimolai, which can accommodate eight aircraft at the same time, allowing great parking flexibility for maximum maintenance efficiency.



Incide Engineering interfaces with Airport Managers to develop their programs, also cooperating in-house in the customer’s organization. It develops the strategic planning of Master plan and concept design, the planning and development of the runways, the Airside areas, the Terminals and the commercial areas. The services offered in the sector are:

  • Airport Master Plan
  • Airport Development Plan
  • Feasibility and Executive Studies
  • Aeronautical Studies
  • Analysis of the airspace and obstacles
  • Cost estimates
  • Airport development
  • Schedules
  • Redevelopments

A prodigious application is the Bâtiment de Jonction project, an extension of the two current terminals of Orly airport, of which he writes an interesting and comprehensive study.

Bâtiment de Jonction, Orly


Airport buildings

Not just airports: Incide also boasts solid experience in the design of buildings attached to airports, such as runways, Taxiways, Terminals, Control Towers, Freight Terminals, Cargo Terminals for animals, Test stands for engines and Fuel depots.

For all these types, Incide offers the services of:

  • Conceptual analysis of terminal functions, to solve the problems of boarding, baggage handling, sorting and transport, segregated areas, boarding and disembarking areas
  • Terminal planning strategy to minimize the surface area to optimize the use of available areas
  • Development of commercial area planning and operational requirements

The new terminal T3 of Fiumicino Airport, in Rome, is an innovative one that concerns both the structural design of the connecting walkways, the bridges at the embarkations, the facades of the walkways with a load-bearing steel structure and the design of the bearing structures of the belts. conveyors for the new baggage sorting system. The project, commissioned by ADR and carried out for Cimolai and Permasteelisa, was created with the BIM methodology, to easily manage and integrate structures, facades and systems.


Aviation industries

Incide is a partner of the most well-known private aeronautical companies, such as the companies of the Leonardo group (formerly Finmeccanica), such as Leonardo Helicopters, Leonardo Aircraft and Aerostructures, Superjet International (Sukhoi) for the development of aeronautical plants, and with airlines for the design of their technical support facilities.

The services are:

  • Strategic planning studies
  • Design of production and logistics buildings
  • Big lights buildings
  • Architectural design
  • Mechanical and electrical systems design
  • Construction supervision
  • Consulting services

The LIATEC helicopter assembly and maintenance plant in Libya, for AgustaWestland S.p.A., constitutes another complete international project.


Infrastructure for aeronautical industries

Incide has designed various infrastructures for industries operating in aeronautics, such as:

  • Plants for aeronautical industries
  • Flight and assembly lines for helicopters and aircraft
  • Maintenance hangar
  • Painting hangar
  • Motor Test Hangar
  • Fuel test hangar
  • Gyrocompass pitches
  • Helicopter take-off areas
  • Flight simulator training centers

Recently designed, Hangars 407-605 NAFVAC, Sigonella, in Catania, for Ghafari Associates.

Hangars 407-605 NAFVAC, Sigonella

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